The NBA is Gearing Up for the Playoffs

For the last blog post of this semester, I thought that I would stick with the sports theme. I thought that I would tackle the NBA’s marketing strategy for their current NBA Playoffs. The NBA have been advertising for weeks as they led up to and during the NBA Playoffs to get their fans excited. The best part of their marketing campaign is using the assumed stars of the playoffs, like Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors, and LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Below is a picture that have been used in ads on both television and on the internet to get the casual fan excited for basketball.


Do you think that the NBA could do more to advertise for their playoffs, or do you think that it is one of the sporting events that takes place every year that doesn’t need to be advertised for fans to tune in?


New Era Caps ‘Cap’-italize on Opening Day

With Opening Day in Major League Baseball occurring a few short weeks ago, New Era Cap, who has been the official hat cap of Major League Baseball since 1993 (N/A, 2016). launched an ad campaign that ran on both social media and on television. Below, are some examples of the ads that they ran using reigning National League Most Valuable Player, Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals.


New Era Cap was using their marketing campaign to not only extend brand awareness and increase sales, but to also get their target market excited for baseball again. The tag line for their ad was “caps on”. They were encouraging everyone to either put on their New Era Caps, or to go out and purchase one for the upcoming baseball season. While using the “caps on” tag line, they turned it in to a hashtag social media campaign. This was allowing New Era to get the conversation about their new campaign, while also getting their market involved.

Do you think that this was a great marketing campaign to not only get their sales and brand awareness up, but to also get their market excited for baseball?


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“Hey Siri, How Popular is Voice Search?”

I’m guessing the iPhone’s Siri would answer very popular. So popular in fact, that since 2013, it’s usage has more than doubled. In a survey that was taken in October of 2014, it was estimated that 55% of teens use voice search, and 41% of adults use it as well (Ratcliffe, 2016).

So how does voice search work? Well, all you have to do it talk in to what device you are using, and ask it what you want to know, and it will tell you either the answer to the question, or will give you directions to the closest venue. For example, McDonald’s has it set up to show up when a user searches for “Hamburger Joint”. The image below shows the results.

marketing blog.png

So if you are ever looking for a location near you, or need to have an answer to a question, but your hands are full, use voice search. I guarantee you won’t be the only one.

McDonald’s New App

So by now, if you have been reading my posts, you have realized that I enjoy two things a lot in this world, and that is a coupon and baseball (Hooked app post and Opening Day post). This week, while writing my paper for IMC 619 and the customer journey, I stumbled across the new McDonalds app. The new McDonalds app offers a wide variety of discounts for your local McDonalds, like the image below:

IMG_7277All that is required is an email address and a password to start using all of these great deals. The app is advertised on commercials that McDonalds puts out as well as on their website. The app advertises the new Monopoly game that McDonalds has out now, which really helped out my customer journey.

What do you all think of the app, if you have it? Do you all like getting great deals as much as I do?

Opening Day is Upon Us!

I thought I would change it up a bit this week on the blog, and talk about something that only happens once every year, and that is Opening Day for the Major League Baseball season! As my favorite unofficial holiday, I will be glued to my television all day, especially when my Cincinnati Reds take the field on Monday afternoon. As a Reds fan, we take Opening Day a little more seriously than the rest of the baseball world. We celebrate the day with great excitement, as shown by the picture below.

You may be thinking, what does this have to do with marketing? Well, I have been following all of the news and updates about the league and the Reds, and I noticed something. They are using social media to promote Opening Day, and to get everyone excited. For example, they used Hall of Famer second baseman, Joe Morgan in this image.


The Reds do a great job using social media to market their upcoming games, and they are accompanied by the rest of the teams in Major League Baseball as a great example of using social media and sports.

‘Hooked’ Saves You the Big Bucks

The Hooked app that is now available in more than 20 college towns is an app that gives discounts to college students on local food and beverages. The app allows you to go to your favorite restaurants, and if they are signed up, they give you free coupons. The app looks a little something like this.image1.PNG

Each ad lets you know how far the respective restaurant is from your current location. It also displays how much time remains on the deal. What makes Hooked so great, is their ads are always changing. They have different ads each day from different restaurants, and for different times a day. For example, this image above was for their breakfast coupons.

They use a mobile marketing strategy that is incredible. Along with their app, they have a strong social media following and a user friendly website. They have specials for the followers that they pick up on social media, and they localize the content, so that the individual towns feel like the truly matter.

I highly suggest that everyone check out this app. If you currently live in the Morgantown area, we are one of the cities who use Hooked!

The Low-Cost Way To Reach the Masses

Social media has quickly become one of the most important aspects in today’s society. More people are using social media currently, than anyone thought possible. The graph below, shows the amount of social media users for different sites as of January, 2015 (the most recent data that I could find), and the numbers are in the billions.

As you can see, social media is a great way to reach a large number of people, at a small cost (Kemp, 2015). All of the most popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are free to join. As long as you have an email address, it is completely free. There is no other form of media that can reach as large of an audience as social media does, and to do so for either a very small fee, or no fee at all!

This next graph shows the percentage of companies that have taken to social media to reach their target markets.


Four of the largest social media presents show that more than 90% of brands are currently using social media, Facebook being number one at 100%. This shows how this media is quickly emerging as perhaps the most popular media platforms in the world.


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